3-bulb basket crystal chandelier with cut crystal balls

3 Bulbs basket crystal chandelier with cut crystal balls

3-bulb basket crystal chandelier with cut crystal balls

Metal color: silver

Kód zboží: 7000-3-RNK

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The Strass crystal chandelier decorated with cut crystal balls. The polished brass parts with silver finish. 3 candle bulbs.

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Popis lustru

The basket Strass crystal chandelier.
Trimmings: Cut crystal balls 24% PbO.
Silver metal finish - Nickel coated brass.
The glossy brass tubes covering el. sockets.
3 candle bulbs  E14, 40W
Dimensions (W x H): 38 x 32 cm/ 15.5"x13.1"
(measured without the hanging rod).
The chandelier comes with the hanging rod and ceiling rose (Suitable for lower ceilings).
Weight: 5 Kg/ 11.1 lb

Packaging does not include bulbs.
The maximum time for sending: 14 days.

You can order metal finish: Stained brown brass (patina), Silver (nickel coated brass), or pure gold Brass.
The chandelier can be with counts of bulbs : 3, 9 (W x H 54 x 33 cm)
Trimmings: cut balls, almonds, diamond shaped pendants

Dimensions and additional info

Height: 32 cm
Width: 38 cm
Gross weight: 5 kg
Number of bulbs: 3
Color of metal: silver
Použití: Hotel rooms