8-arm Bohemian chandelier in Baccarat style with a unique deep hand cut

8-arm Bohemian chandelier in Baccarat style with a unique deep hand cut

Metal color: silver

Kód zboží: L675-8+3-03-N-A

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Crystal chandelier with vases made of solid hand-blown glass. During deep grinding of crystal glass, a large amount of material is mechanically removed. Therefore, this type of chandelier is quite difficult to produce and requires the master skills of a glass grinder.

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Popis lustru

Glass chandelier with deeply cut vases festooned with crystal spikes.

Trimmings:  Cut crystal spikes (32% PbO)
8 Arms, Total 11 bulbs, i.e. 8x E14 (arms), 40W and 3x G9 base (inside the cut bottom basket).
Dimensions (W x H): 65 x 65 cm/ 26.5"x26.5" (measured without a chain).
Metal finish: glossy silver
The chandelier comes with a 0.5 m silver chain and a ceiling rose.
Weight: 10.6 Kg/ 23.6 lb

Packaging does not include bulbs.
Possible longer delivery time: 3-6 weeks

Metal finish: glossy silver, stained brown brass, gold
It is also possible to order a larger 12-arm (8 + 4) version of this chandelier.

Dimensions and additional info

Height: 65 cm
Width: 65 cm
Gross weight: 14 kg
Number of bulbs: 11
Color of metal: silver
Použití: Living room
Styly: Baccarat style